Sprint issues workaround for the BlackBerry KeyOne bloatware bug, official fix coming soon

It’s a few days since the Sprint variant of the BlackBerry KeyOne was found to have issues with bloatware, with previously disabled or even uninstalled apps being automatically reinstalled by the Sprint Mobile ID app. There was some initial worry that the issue was a sign of Sprint running riot with its bloatware apps, but it seems that there is a bug in the carriers Mobile ID app on the KeyOne. While Sprint works with BlackBerry to fix the issue, the carrier has provided a workaround for affected KeyOne owners. 

The Sprint Mobile ID app is only supposed to activate during the first setup process, but thanks to the bug, it has activated and checked for the bloatware apps every fifteen minutes and reinstalled or re-enabled them as it deemed necessary. Besides the obvious irksome nature of having unnecessary apps installed on the KeyOne, the performance hit of applications reinstalling themselves will also have been noticeable.

To work around the bug, affected KeyOne owners will have to roll-back the Sprint Mobile ID app to the version that was originally installed on the handset when purchased by following these easy steps:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Scroll down to Apps
  • Select the BlackBerry Launcher
  • View Details in the Play Store
  • Click on the Uninstall button
  • Restart the handset

Those steps should fix the issues temporarily, affected KeyOne owners should probably also refrain from updating the app until Sprint and BlackBerry have provided a permanent fix or you may face the same problem again. It may also be worth checking if you can disable the app This workaround will have to suffice for the time being, but Sprint has said a fix will be made available “very soon.”

About the Author: Peter Holden

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