[Deal] Take $20 off a Google Home

Interested in a Google Home but didn’t want to pay full price? Google might just have a deal to tempt you into their smart speaker ecosystem.

It’s not a massive discount, but right now you can save $20 off the price of a Google Home speaker. That brings the total price to $109, down from the usual $129. It’s not quite as great of a deal as the current Pixel promotion, but Home is also less likely to be replaced in the next couple months.

The deal is available directly through Google’s online store.

Buy it now: Google Store

  • Jack Smith

    Great deal and love our Google Homes.

    We have both the Echo since it launched and now the Google Home. IMO, the GH has already surpassed the Echo.
    I suspect since the Echo was first it is inertia versus reality why there is push back on this fact from time to time.
    Just the foundation of the two are very different.

    The Echo takes the sounds of your voice and turns it into words that are then used as commands.

    The GH takes the sound of your voice and turns into words but then has an additional layer of intelligence that it knows who is who and also understands what the words mean and gets concepts that then trigger actions.

    This is why you do NOT have a manual with the GH with commands you memorize as you do with the Echo.

    In our home it is why I believe the GH is integrated and the Echo was always my toy. I was motivated to learn the commands and memorize and then use the Echo and my family just was not as motivated to do so.