Unofficial Galaxy Note 8 render confirms design

Samsung has officially told us when to expect a Galaxy Note 8 announcement, which means we’re about to see a ton of rumors blow up while there’s still some mystery to the device. Although, with this latest render, it doesn’t seem like there’s much left that we don’t know.

This leak comes from a case maker, Ghostek, who mocked up some renders of the Galaxy Note 8 based on factory specifications about the device. Accessory partners need these specs ahead of phone launches so they can have cases ready to go when the phone goes on sale, but, well, they don’t always stay under wraps for very long. In fact, case designs are usually pretty decent indicators of true or false rumors about devices.

In this case, we’ve got a device that matches up with most of the earlier leaks that we’ve seen. The dual camera system is present, it still sports a curved edge, and the bottom houses a USB type C charger, the S-Pen, and a headphone jack. In terms of design, it pretty much just looks like a Galaxy S8+ with an S-Pen.

The device looks slick, but we’ve had a pretty good idea of its design for a while. Software features, battery life, and everything under the hood is what we’re really anticipating, although Samsung tends to pull out all the stops for their Note line every year. Hopefully the Note 8 is no different.

source: BGR

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