Google Home update lets you play purchased or uploaded songs on Google Play Music

Streaming music via Google’s Play Music service to the Google Home is a great way to listen to your favorite songs, but if you aren’t a paid subscriber you’re restricted to music sourced from the free radio stations. Thanks to the latest update, though, you can now stream both the music you’ve previously purchased and uploaded to your Google Home unit.

The update will roll out to your Google Home sometime this week, letting you play music from the content that you’ve purchased and uploaded before searching through the free radio stations. This means that Google Home will play the special, extended version of a song that you’ve either bought or purchased and not the bog-standard version that the radio plays.

Subscribers will have to ask Google Home to “Play X from my library” or “Play my X” if they want to play their own content. If you haven’t set Play Music as your default music player on Google Home, you’ll have to say something like “OK Google, play X on Google Play Music” to listen to your music.

Many of us have tons of music that we’ve managed to collect over the years, from rare bootlegs or artists whose songs aren’t available to stream online, so the news that we can now listen to them via out Google Home units is great news.

Source: Google

About the Author: Peter Holden

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  • Bob

    I not sure that I understand as I have been playing my google Music playlists since I purchased Google home 6-8 months ago? Maybe it is purchased music?

    • Peter Holden

      This latest update will let you play the music you’ve previously bought or uploaded to Play Music, as opposed to simply sourcing the songs from All-Access (if you’re a subscriber), or the free radio stations if you aren’t.