Galaxy Note 8 might get unpacked on August 23rd

We’re steadily winding through the summer, which means it’s almost time for a new Galaxy Note 8. We’re seeing plenty of rumors, but that should all come to a head when Samsung finally announces their next flagship in late August, keeping in line with the last few iterations.

August 23rd is reportedly the date for Samsung’s next Unpacked event, which will also take place in New York City. That’s a little earlier than other rumors have suggested, but since it doesn’t appear that the Galaxy Note 8 will have any killer features that the Galaxy S8 doesn’t have, the closer date might just be to head off holiday competition. Of course, if the rumors hold up that the Note 8 isn’t actually much bigger than the S8+, that might make the situation sticky for Samsung.

It’s too early to tell whether or not the 2017 holiday season will be good or bad for smartphones, but with conflicting rumors swirling around about both Samsung and Apple’s flagships, we might actually see a few surprises this year. That’s something we haven’t seen in awhile.

source: The Bell
via: Phone Arena

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