[TA Deal] You can get Heimdal Pro for four computers for just $21

Maybe you’re thinking the antivirus software you have isn’t the best, so let’s get a reinforcement. Heimdal Pro works atop your existing antivirus software and works to block attacks and stop personal information from being shared. It operates silently in the background and maintains a high security level.

You can get Heimdal Pro for four computers while spending less than $25. The price is exclusive for Talk Android Deals.

  • Blocks attacks that an antivirus can’t block
  • Stops ransomware, email malware distribution, malicious redirects, DNS hijacking, & more
  • Scans & filters internet traffic
  • Prevents attackers from harvesting your confidential information, such as passwords & credit card details
  • Updates vulnerable software w/o interrupting your work
  • Increases security levels against advanced attacks & data leakage
  • Provides an instant security status overview

Getting this package for the same number of laptops could cost as much as $71. You, however, are going to pay $21. Our price is only going to be live for a limited time; therefore, don’t wait long to pick up Heimdal Pro and secure all of the computers in your home.

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