Roaming charges have been abolished in the EU

One of the great pains of traveling in Europe has been the often exorbitant charges that networks charge just for the privilege of using one’s own SIM card in a different country. Thankfully, except for a few bit part players, the European Commission has forced networks to abolish roaming charges when you are using traveling within the EU so long as you are using a SIM card issued in Europe, which means you can ‘Roam Like at Home‘.

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“Roam Like at Home rules enter into force on 15 June 2017. People will pay domestic prices, irrespective of where they are travelling in the EU for phone-calls, SMS and mobile internet.”

From June 15th (today), EU travelers are able to roam Europe using the calls, texts and data allowances issued by their chosen network. Naturally, there are some limitations, if you have unlimited data, your network is within its rights to set a fair usage limit. Once you’ve gone over the limit, your network can charge you €7.70 + VAT per GB although that will drop to €2.50 by 2022. You may also get charged extra if you are spending more time in an EU country than the country where the SIM card was issued over a four month period.

While some networks, especially in the UK, have tried to insinuate that the abolishing of roaming charges was something that they had fought for, instead the credit belongs to the European Commission. Speaking of the UK, with Brexit looming on the horizon, it’s likely that some UK networks will take the opportunity of leaving the EU to reinstitute roaming charges. To this end, Three has stated it won’t increase prices after Brexit and Vodafone UK believes that market forces will help roaming charges competitive.

Source: European Commission

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