Plex takes aim at VLC, wants to handle all of your video formats

Plex keeps rolling out new features, and this time they’re taking aim at VLC. The newest version of your favorite video library service has added the ability to play just about any video file you throw at it, regardless of format, and all without having to stream them off of a server that handles the decoding process.

It’s a little more magic than other plain video playback apps, too, since it’s Plex. Whenever you open a file you’ll see a rich preview with artwork, summaries, and other information instead of just a plain file picker and playback process. It can handle the extra features of most formats, too, like turning internal subtitles on and changing audio tracks.

The change is coming to version 6.0 of Plex, although the playback feature itself is still technically in beta. It’s rolling out today to all Android users in the Play Store, with the Amazon App Store seeing the update soon.

source: Plex

Download it now: Google Play