LG might be the manufacturer for the next Google Pixel XL

Yesterday a new rumor broke that Google was scrapping their original plan for the Pixel XL 2, internally called muskie, in favor of a third, different model, called taimen. It’s a pretty wild rumor that throws a wrench into some of the other rumors about the Pixel 2 that we’ve seen, but does open up room for a ton of other speculation.

So what’s the first rumor for the new Pixel XL 2, you might ask? Well, it looks like LG might actually be the one manufacturing it. Last year HTC took on the job of putting together the Pixel and Pixel XL, and while they might be still be handling the smaller walleye model, there’s evidence that LG is working on a device called taimen on their own.

A bug report from earlier in the year popped up in the Android Issue Tracker, and it came from an LG employee about a device called taimen, and a Google employee asked them to close the issue and reopen it somewhere else where the public can’t see it.

This move makes sense, especially if you consider that Google invested some cash into LG for OLED display production, which is a huge hint about what to expect from taimen.

Whether this rollercoaster or a development cycle was an accident or intentional, Google has definitely built up some excitement for whatever they end up releasing at the end of the year.

source: 9to5 Google


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