Where to buy the HTC U11 in the U.S.

You know you want to squeeze it. First you must buy it.

The HTC U11 has been released in the United States following its announcement last month. It won’t be an easy phone to find, though, for traditional consumers. HTC hasn’t partnered with numerous carriers and retailers to sell the phone. Instead you’re only able to get the U11 from three spots.

Looking for the U11? HTC, Amazon, and Sprint are the official sellers of the phone. Both HTC and Amazon have the unlocked model while Sprint is the lone carrier with its own variant. Pricing isn’t the same across them, either. While HTC and Amazon are offering the 2017 flagship for $649, Sprint has the price raised to $696.

The unlocked model is what most people should expect to purchase. It works on both GSM networks and CDMA networks, so you can switch between carriers like T-Mobile and Verizon without any trouble. And, if you do get the unlocked model, you can choose from three color options. Sprint is selling the Brilliant Black and Sapphire Blue, but HTC and Amazon throw in Amazing Silver.

HTC has sent Talk Android a unit to test, and we’re in the process of putting the review together. Be on the lookout for that if you’re still on the fence with the HTC U11.

Buy it now: HTC, Amazon, Sprint

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    Amateurish video. Sounds like a 13 year old doing the review. It might help to read the instructions and note that there is a setting for the squeeze pressure, which can be set to one’s individual preference.
    Professional reviewers don’t use the high school language used here.