If this OnePlus 5 teaser is real, it’ll resemble Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus

It’s likely the OnePlus 5 debuts sometime early this summer, meaning we’re just weeks away from seeing a new high-end phone on the scene. Teasers and reports, though, are giving us information early. And the latest leak involves the phone’s design.

The 2017 flagship from OnePlus could end up looking a lot like the Apple iPhone 7 Plus that was released last year. An image posted on Weibo claims to be an unreleased promotional item from the company. OnePlus has taken to social media to share teasers involving the OnePlus 5 in recent weeks, but none of them have been particularly revealing. This one, which hasn’t been put on any official accounts yet, shows an illustration of the phone’s back.

Here’s the alleged teaser image:

All signs point to the OnePlus 5 having a two-camera setup on the rear, and this teaser image follows that assumption. What it tries to confirm, too, is the color and monochrome styles for each camera. One camera captures pictures in full color while the other camera captures pictures in black and white. It’s the same way the Honor 8 and Essential Phone take pictures. By merging two copies, you get better clarity and accuracy.

The placement of the two cameras is where comparisons to the iPhone 7 Plus from Apple will be made. If the teaser image is real, OnePlus plans on putting them next to each other on a horizontal axis. Apple’s 2016 flagship as well as Huawei’s Honor 8 both have the same placement for their rear cameras. Other companies have put two cameras stacked on a vertical axis, but OnePlus seems to favor Apple’s implementation.

Expect to see the OnePlus become official later this month or in early July. OnePlus confirmed we’d see its next phone during the summer.

Source: Weibo
Via: Phone Arena

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