Fighting negative press about the HTC U11 could earn you free goodies

It’s been a couple years of missteps for the Taiwanese company, and HTC plans on turning things around by fostering a brigade of trolls.

When the U11 was introduced last month, many expressed cautious optimism. And people still do three weeks later. We’ve been down this road before with the same company. HTC likes to build hype and then fall short of expectations. The last truly great phone from HTC was the One (M8), and that was released in 2014. The One M9 was a nightmare due to overheating and a horrendous camera, the One A9 was way too expensive, and the HTC 10 offered nothing to stand out.

The response for the 2017 flagship, at least so far, seems more positive than negative. Maybe average above all else. People who’ve used the phone have said the design is attractive but a little dated, the camera is a top-notch, and the squeezing feature is a gimmick. Honestly, the things you can read about the U11 today are pretty tame.

But HTC wants to combat all the bad. Elevate, the invite-only group of fanboys, sent a notice out saying it will reward those who dispute negativity by giving them “swag goodies.”

Recruiting is going on now for a team of community members that can fight “negative things” being said about the U11, HTC’s 2017 flagship.

Here’s the exact request:

“Mobilize and combat some of the negative things that are out there about the HTC U11 – particularly from those that have never seen the device in person.”

The community members participating in the campaign just have to appear on sites covering the U11, leave positive comments about the device or argue with negative ones, and submit proof to HTC. From there, the company will provide freebies as a ‘thank you’ for service. It’s not unlike the rather unethical practice accessory makers do on Amazon by sending free products in return for 5-star reviews.

Talk Android and other publications, however, will not stand for this. It leads to the growth of trolls who spread misinformation, and that takes away from the media’s credibility. We will monitor comments even more and remove any that appear to align with HTC Elevate’s campaign.

HTC should immediately put an end to this method of community participation before losing control.

Source: /r/Android (Reddit)

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  • Dan Kenney

    It’s become distressing how polarized our society has become, where mere preference for one manufacturer’s products becomes heated debate and even devolves into trolling and misinformation campaigns. I won’t ever understand how a smaller company like HTC will stand a chance against multi-million dollar advertising campaigns from the giants. There was a time when solid, quality manufacturing process spoke for itself, and mass-produced crap was more easily identifiable to educated consumers. Nowadays it feels like people spend way less time uncovering their own facts and more time blasting those who do. Truth is, HTC has always made a product that at the very least was solidly built. Yes, there have been some flop ideas. Say what you will, if the worst thing you can say is there’s nothing new and exciting from last year’s smartphone of the year, then keep doing what you do well. I, for one, eagerly await shipment of the U11.