Leaked retail packaging confirms two-camera setup for the OnePlus 5

The mobile industry is full of trends, but not every company immediately follows them. There are still multiple big players that don’t care to include a two-camera setup on their flagships. OnePlus, however, is going to join the craze this summer. Previous reports pointed to it, but now we have nearly clear confirmation that the OnePlus 5 will will ship with two cameras on the back.

Take a look at the retail packaging below.

The side of the box we’re seeing says “Dual Camera. Clearer Photos.” That leaves little to the imagination. Assuming Android Authority obtained accurate information (and we believe so), the OnePlus 5 will definitely ship with a two-camera setup. The phrase “Focus on what matters” will be used as well alongside the usual “Never Settle” slogan.

A source tells Talk Android that, rather than following the LG G6 with two cameras for capturing more content at once, the OnePlus 5’s two-camera setup is for capturing color and monochrome copies to merge together. Devices from Huawei like the Honor 8 already do this, and the Essential Phone is another upcoming phone slated to combine two cameras for better accuracy.

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OnePlus already revealed it’s working with DxO to ensure the OnePlus 5 has a top-of-the-line camera experience.

Although OnePlus hasn’t confirmed anything yet about a launch or release date, its 2017 flagship is set to debut during the summer. Rumors speculate at mid-to-late June for the OnePlus 5 to become official and thus late July for a release. If OnePlus shares a date to keep an eye on, we’ll let you know. It’d be odd if OnePlus went the route of a silent launch for a major high-end device like the OnePlus 5.

Source: Android Authority

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