New batch of Moto Mods focuses on gaming, music, and charging

Alongside every new phone are new accessories. Lenovo has introduced new Moto Mods to pair with the Moto Z2 Play and other devices. They’ll work with the newest phone, upcoming models belonging to the Moto Z2 family, and even previous devices from 2016.

Here’s what they are:

  • Moto GamePad: Pop your phone into this and you now have a controller with a built-in display. So actually you have yourself a handheld gaming console to take everywhere. The Moto GamePad has two analog sticks, a D-pad, and four action buttons. There’s a 1035mAh built-in battery as well to keep your phone lasting even when playing graphic-intense titles.
  • JBL SoundBoost 2: Remember last year’s model? This is an upgrade. Now you get 1 hours of playtime, a water-repellant coating, and colors choices. The SoundBoost 2 comes in red, blue, or black and each includes a high-end fabric and “improve contours” to be more comfortable in your hands.
  • Moto TurboPower Pack: If partners aren’t going to step forward, Lenovo will do the work itself. That’s evident in the Moto TurboPower Pack. Rather than letting outsiders create slow-charging external batteries, the company is releasing an offering that utilizes its in-house TurboPower technology. This Moto Mod can charge your phone with strengths up to 15W. You should expect to get an entire day of battery life added to your phone with the 3490mAh battery built-in.
  • Moto Style Shell w/ Wireless Charging: Missing from Moto devices has been wireless charging, so this Moto Mod is a pretty big deal. It’s a Style Shell that enables wireless charging for Moto Z and Moto Z2 family devices. Lenovo hasn’t showcased a wireless charging pad yet, but there are plenty of third-party choices out there. Anyone who prefers looks over functionality will choose this Moto Mod over the Moto TurboPower Pack, even if it means you can’t charge on-the-go.

Pricing isn’t available on any of these Moto Mods, but we do know they’re scheduled to be released in July. The Moto Z2 Play, too, should be released in July then.

Source: Motorola

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  • Christopher Campbell

    I wonder why they didn’t make the Gamer Mod a slider