[Sponsored] Take 26% off BESTEK’s 12-outlet power strip surge protector with 2 USB ports

It’s 2017. Now everything in your life needs to be connected for power whether permanently or temporarily. You need so many outlets and ports for all of your devices. When you’re sitting down relaxing in the living room or working at the desk in the office, you’ve probably realized over and over again there’s just not enough space for everything. Often you’re prioritizing what should be plugged in.

BESTEK, the maker of various high quality power-based solutions, has a 12-outlet power strip surge protector that you could use to connect and/or charge pretty much everything simultaneously. Let’s put a stop to the constant connect-and-deconnect and let you give power to everything that needs it without compromise.

Rather than squeezing everything into a tight space and rendering multiple outlets useless, BESTEK spread out the outlets and ports. So you can connect everything you need to at the same time. The plug for the power strip surge protector is versatile, too. It has a 360-degree rotating plug to twist and turn where you need it. This is pretty much what you’ve always needed in your living room, bedroom, and office.

Here’s what you get:

  • 12 outlets with 5560 joules of surge protection
  • 2 USB ports with charging speeds up to 2.1A
  • 6-foot heavy-duty cord with 360-degree rotating plug
  • Power switch with 15 amp circuit break for quick resets

Normally this power strip surge protector is priced at $41, but Amazon currently offers it for $30. And you’re getting an even better deal today. Through Talk Android, you can use promo code XEVN8UEQ to save an additional 26%. The price of BESTEK’s power strip surge protector with twelve outlets and two USB ports drops to $22 after all discounts are applied.

Buy it now: Amazon

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