Google Play Store picks up a new icon and notifications

If you’ve been into the Android scene for a while, you might remember way back before Google Play when we still had the Android Market to download apps. The icon had a little green Android on a shopping bag to fit in with that era’s skeuomorphic design on everything, for better or worse.

Even after Google made the swift switch to Google Play for everything, they still kept the little shopping bag. Now, years after Android’s inception and subsequent app store changes, the shopping bag is finally gone. The newest versions of the Play Store are adopting a new icon that’s just the Play triangle icon, which makes more sense as the central hub to everything digital that Google offers.

The app update isn’t all about the icon, though. The notifications for app installs and updates are slightly different, as they also abandon the shopping bag for the Google Play icon.

It’s a small update, but it keeps moving forward Google’s plan to make everything related to Google Play a bit more uniform and streamlined.

source: Android Police

About the Author: Jared Peters

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