Android to Enterprise, ENGAGE

Much of the business world is covered with features that make our day to day, business operations very easy. The one thing Android has been lacking are those “higher end” enterprise features.  During Google I/O (And a few days leading up to Google I/O) 2.2, or Froyo was announced and boy oh boy are the its features amazing. Not only does it support Flash 10.1 and the JIT (Just in time compiler), but according to reports, Froyo will also have those neat features that make other phones, like the Blackberry ideal for the business individual.  Taking a look at the features  gives me all sorts of goose bumps!

Applications are sometimes restricted on phones, or limited because they cannot operate as an ‘administrator.’ (Think Windows UAC) Well, say bye bye to that problem, the new API allows developers to write in permissions and security controls.

Working for a large business can be a pain in the butt when you have 500 people you talk to on a semi-normal basis. With the added Exchange support coming to 2.2, that should no longer be an issue. Adding password enforcement, and the ability to ‘kill’ the phone in case it was lost, stolen or even worse, if someone flipped out and quit. The new Exchange support also includes the ability to view a company directory and calendar right from your Froyo-enabled device.

Have you ever been concerned with your significant other finding data on your microSD card that you didn’t want them to see? Well, that is still going to be an issue, as removable data is not getting any sort of encryption at this point in the OS’ life. This would be the only major thing lacking (In my opinion) from this fantastic 2.2 update for the enterprise services on Android. Android is doing what it does best, taking the technology market by storm and running over competition.

[via informationweek]

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    Thanks for this interesting article. So you think the microSD issue ist the last problem for android to solve before it goes enterprise and eventuelly take place of blackberry? Best regard