T-Mobile rolls out a new premium insurance package for customers

T-Mobile has announced a new mobile device and insurance package for their wireless customers, and it’s easily the most comprehensive thing that’s currently in the market. For $15 per month you get the usual accidental damage protection, extended warranty, and some cloud backup services, but it also includes identity theft protection, security features like a password manager, and personal technical support.

It’s pricey, but even the identity theft insurance seems like it pays for most of this.

Plus, customers that have upgraded within the past 60 days can move to T-Mobile’s Jump Plus program, which includes the personal device protection package and the carrier’s upgrade on-demand program.

I’m not normally a huge fan of phone insurance, but T-Mobile has really crammed a lot of value into that $15.

It’s not clear if this was the revamped phone installment plan from T-Mobile that was rumored a few weeks back, but it sounds awfully close. Although, many of these programs and changes tend to happen in increments instead of all at once, so we might see this evolve even more over the coming months.

source: T-Mobile

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