OnePlus says its 2017 flagship, the OnePlus 5, will launch this summer

The 2017 flagship from OnePlus isn’t too far from making its global debut.

Pieces of information regarding the OnePlus 5 have slowly but surely trickled in over recent weeks. Now the company is just putting news out into the public itself. Both the name of OnePlus’ next phone and its launch window have been confirmed.

The OnePlus 5 will launch this summer, a OnePlus spokesperson told The Verge. Because the OnePlus 3 was followed by the OnePlus 3T (and the number four is rather unlucky in China), the 2017 flagship will jump straight to the number five. Well, that’s our thinking. OnePlus says that wasn’t part of the naming strategy at all. Instead it points to Robert Horry, the 7-time NBA champion. Apparently many employees are big fans of Horry and two paintings of the basketball player are hanging in the Shenzhen office.

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Like in the past, the summer appears to be when we’ll see the OnePlus 5 since the rest of the mobile industry takes a break for a couple of months. OnePlus can get the attention it needs for a new high-end phone while everyone else is dormant until the fall. So expect plenty of OnePlus 5 coverage during the summer.

When OnePlus does announce its next online or in-person launch event, we’ll be sure to let you know the date.

Source: The Verge

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