T-Mobile Galaxy S8’s now getting new software update to fix red tint issue

The update said to fix the red tint display issue for the Galaxy S8 is now rolling out to T-Mobile models.

Users were reporting problems with their Galaxy S8 display’s color tone. On a good portion of handsets, a red tint to the display would appear. It’s not necessarily a defect, but something that can be fixed by adjusting the color tuner in the Settings menu.

But, Samsung decided they’d roll out a fix anyway. It’s here now, at least on T-Mobile. Other carriers should follow with the update pretty soon here.

Unfortunately, it’s not fixing the problem for everyone, at least on Reddit. Some users are reporting that it fixes the problem completely, but other users say that either it’s only a little bit or it has worsened the issue. One user, /u/ForgottenGuardian, reported that he only had issues with red tint around the edges, and changing the edges to “cool” in the color tuner fixed the problem after the update.

The update brings some other fixes and performance enhancements, but the reddish tint fix was the major part of the update here. It was supposed to fix it, but some users are saying it didn’t. So, it’ll be interesting to see where things move on from here.

The update is about 145MB in size and is software version G950USQU1AQDE. It should be rolling out to you pretty soon here.

source: T-Mobile
via: Reddit

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