Possible OnePlus 5 camera samples pop up online

OnePlus 5 rumors are ramping up as we get closer to something being officially announced, and the next leak gives us a nice sneak preview of what the flagship killer’s next camera can do. A handful of photos have surfaced online, shot from a smartphone with the model number A5000. Remember that the OnePlus 3 has the model number A3000, and we’re likely going to skip the number 4 due to some complex Chinese cultural issues.

Obviously, model numbers can be faked, and not everything you see online is true. However, we have heard several rumors about the OnePlus 5 adopting a dual camera system, and the blurred, depth-of-field image in the leaked set does give some validity to this rumor.

Again, take everything with a grain of salt, but keep an ear out for more OnePlus 5 rumors over the next few weeks. Things are starting to heat up.

source: True Tech
via: Phone Arena