HTC’s next phone is the U 11, and it’ll be offered in five colors

Names are important, right? Well they’re not that important, apparently, if you’re HTC.

Its next high-end phone, known internally as the Ocean, will launch with a rather unattractive name. Evan Blass, who’s writing for VentureBeat to share this information, says HTC is taking pieces of the names from 2016’s HTC 10 and 2017’s U Ultra. The company is borrowing the number from the Ocean’s predecessor and inserting it with the U family instead of going with an entirely new name.

HTC’s 2017 flagship will be called the U 11 when it’s released this spring.

Blass points out that it is “an effort to bridge the past and present naming schemes.” Following the HTC 10 as the flagship, the number eleven will be used. And, to stick with the U family that debuted earlier this year, the single letter will be stuck in front. So you get a mashup that puts the U 11 in HTC’s main line while noting its order in company history.

Aside from the name, we now know the colors HTC will offer the U 11 in. You’ll be able to buy HTC’s 2017 flagship in black, white, silver, red, and blue. Specific regions, however, may not get every color option.

HTC will announce the U 11 at an event being held on May 16. We can’t wait to get our hands on this phone and squeeze it endlessly.

Source: VentureBeat

About the Author: Justin Herrick

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  • Phil

    It’s quite obvious that the images of the phone that are being used are not the actual U 11.

    On the previously released video, the gestures on the edges of the phone could be done on either side. The physical buttons on the phone in the image would prevent this from being possible.

    I’m so glad about this because the phones in the image looks horrendous!

    • Player Slayer

      Well, if that phone isn’t the U 11, than it isn’t any phone. What other rumored phone by HTC is in such a late phase of development? This is gonna be the U 11, so don’t set your hopes too high.