Early Galaxy S8 units experiencing some red-tinted display issues

No phones launch without issues, and no matter how hard Samsung wanted the Galaxy S8 launch to be flawless, that was just a pipe dream. At least this time around the issues aren’t dangerous, though.

Some users are reporting problems with a red-tinted display on their brand new Galaxy S8 models, giving everything a significantly warmer tint than what Samsung intended. On the bright side, there are settings in the phone itself that should allow users to adjust color balance to correct the problem. Samsung is saying that if that doesn’t solve the red display, the phones can be exchanged.

Overall, this is pretty minor and in reality is probably just a slight side effect of the OLED technology that’s used in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. It’s pretty easy to fix, too, unlike Bixby launching completely broken, so it shouldn’t mar an otherwise successful device launch.

source: Korea Herald
ia: GSM Arena

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