LeEco puts its EcoPass subscription plan to rest

It’s no secret that LeEco has been having some serious business issues, largely because the company expanded way too quickly. The latest indication of this is that LeEco is discontinuing one of its major plans — the EcoPass subscription bundle.

EcoPass was basically a subscription you could sign-up for that was a mixture of content and different services. It gave you video streaming content, cloud storage, extended warranties, priority customer service a ton of other features. It was a subscription that LeEco was giving away to customers who bought the company products. Many would end up with anything from a 3-month to 12-month subscription.


LeEco was supposed to announce official pricing for it so that anyone could sign-up, but that never happened, and now, LeEco is putting the subscription service to rest.

Here’s what a LeEco spokesperson told Variety on Friday:

“We have discontinued the EcoPass Beta program as of April 1. We will be replacing EcoPass with 3-months of DirecTV NOW with every purchase of a LeEco ecophone or ecotv. We believe this provides greater value to our customers since it has over 60 channels that include the latest movies and shows.”

Customers who have already signed up for EcoPass will still be able to redeem it for premium video content as well as the permanent 10GB of cloud storage — you just won’t be getting any other features like it.

To be honest, it’s probably a good thing. EcoPass was aimed at a US audience, but it was also a complete mess. There was nothing about it that could really catch the attention of a US audience, especially with it already being a little-known company.

It’s really just another nail in the coffin. In addition to this, we recently found out that LeEco actually isn’t buying Vizio anymore. It cited “regulatory headwinds” as the cause, but we all know it’s because the financial state of the company is in dire states. LeEco has put itself in a really bad place.

Only time will tell what happens to LeEco, but we’re starting to see the company discontinue services, fall short on promises, pull out of purchases and so on. It’s not looking good.

source: Variety

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