[TA Deals] Need a reversible cable? This one is $14! (44% off)

So you haven’t made the jump to a device that uses a USB-C port yet. That’s cool. You can still enjoy the benefits of a reversible connector and port with your current device. MicFlip from WinnerGear is a reversible micro-USB cable that works exactly how you’d expect.

It’s our featured deal of the day on Talk Android Deals.

  • Reversible technology lets you plug both USB & Micro USB in either direction
  • Gold coated plugs resist corrosion
  • Super strong Nylon braided cable resists tangling

Usually this micro-USB cable sells for $25, but you’re getting it for just $13.99 with free shipping. And you’ll receive the MicFlip by the end of the month whether you’re in the United States or located internationally.

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