Samsung releases three new customizable watchfaces for the Gear S3

For Spring, Samsung has announced a few new customizable watch faces for the Gear S3. It includes faces and features for a few different occasions, including sports, fitness, and traveling.

The first of the three is the Outdoor Watchface that’s designed to help anyone that’s out and about and enjoying the weather. You’ll get a ton of sensors for complications here, including an altimeter, a barometer, and a sunrise/sunset display that covers the top arch of the watch.

It can even flash to alert you if you exceed certain altitudes or atmospheric figures, and you’ve got a handful of color themes to tweak it to your liking.

Next up is the Travel Watchface that’s a little less sport and a little more business. It features dual-times, currency exchanges, and quick access to maps and navigation.

Again, you’ve got four color options to make this particular face fit your style.

The last of the set is the Sports Watchface, and it helps you track (wait for it) exercise. No surprise there. It does have some overlap with the Outdoor Watchface, though.

You’ll find a stopwatch, a speedometer, and an altimeter, plus quick access to maps for route tracking and the heart rate monitor. This watch will also send out alerts to help you maintain a specified heart rate and comes with six total color options for customization.

If you’re interested, all of the faces are currently available to download on your Gear S3.

source: Samsung

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