Instagram Stories surpasses Snapchat in popularity with 200 million daily users

They’re the same thing, but the original is now in second place.

Today marks a major defeat as Instagram says more than 200 million people are using its Stories feature on a daily basis. While the feature is a copy of Snapchat’s core purpose, Instagram’s users don’t seem to care. People are flocking to Instagram over Snapchat at an accelerating pace because of new features popping up frequently.

Snapchat, meanwhile, claims to have 158 million daily active users as of late 2016. We highly doubt the service added 50 million to that number in just four months; therefore, the victory belongs to Instagram for the time being. And it’s yet another blow to Snap, the parent company which just went public a few weeks ago. So far, any time Instagram makes an announcement, Snap’s stock price slides.

To celebrate the milestone, Instagram is rolling out new sticker tools for Stories.

New tools for Instagram’s Stories include a selfie sticker, sticker pinning, additional geostickers for four new cities, a shortcut to recent stickers, and a visible timer for hands-free mode. The standout among all of these is sticker pinning. Now, like Snapchat, you can pin a sticker in a specific spot in a video. Even if the camera pans away, the sticker will stay put.

If you have an Android device, just make sure your Instagram app is on version 10.16.1 and soon the new sticker tools will be live.

Download it now: Google Play

Source: Instagram

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