[Video] Unboxing the World’s Smallest 4G LTE Smartphone

The Jelly is the self-proclaimed smallest 4G smartphone in the world, offering decent specs and 4G connectivity with just a 2.45-inch LCD display and a very wallet-friendly price tag.

The phone is set to launch on Kickstarter soon, so you can’t order one for yourself just yet. In the meantime, we got our hands on one to give you a glimpse of the incredibly tiny smartphone to help you decide if it’s worth investing in or not. Check it out below.

  • John Vander Stel

    Where can I register to be notified when the Jelly phone campaign starts?

    • Hank Wilson

      Looks like May 2nd. I want one.

  • http://blog.atomlabor.de/ Jens

    Any Problems with the Apps?