The next Google Pixel could have a curved display

Google is reportedly investing, or at least trying to invest, close to $1 billion in LG Display for flexible OLED panels for its next Pixel phone, according to Korea’s Electronic Times.

Consumers are loving curved displays — the Galaxy S7 Edge was a huge hit, and both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will have curved displays this year. There’ll be no actual option for your traditional panel. It’s a trend that’s only going to continue, and with how popular it’s been, seeing it on the next Google Pixel wouldn’t be much of a surprise.

There might be another reason for this investment, too. The current Google Pixel has been almost impossible to purchase — there’s supply issues all over the place. It’s rumored that this is because Google isn’t able to acquire enough OLED panels for its Pixel phones, so this investment would hopefully ensure we’re not seeing the same problem for the Pixel’s successor.

The investment would sits at a whopping $875 million. The Electronic Times actually says this number could increase, pending details of the contract, such as “supply conditions.”

LG Display — as expected — is unable to comment on the investment, but did say we should see its OLED panels on the new Pixel phones later this year.

source: ETNews
via: Engadget

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