Google’s Search app wants to help you improve your screenshots

Screenshots are the one of the easiest ways to share information with your friends, and Google wants to help make that a better experience. Some users are beginning to see some screenshot tools go live in their Google apps today, which is completely separate from Google Assistant’s extra screenshot functionality.

Now when you take a screenshot anywhere in the Google app, you’ll get some extra controls to crop and draw on whatever you captured. The crop tools are pretty self explanatory, and you can use that to trim down an image to only the relevant bits. The drawing tool is basic, but will let you draw anywhere on the screen with a small color palette. Again, this can be used to block out or highlight information, or to just draw on top of anything.

It makes sense for Google to add these features in, but as of right now they’re limited to the Google app and nowhere else. For your other screenshot editing tools, you’ll have to rely on third-party software and OEM skins to get the job done.

source: 9to5Google