YouTube Go launches into beta in India

You might remember late last year when Google announced an extremely lightweight version of YouTube that didn’t use much data called YouTube Go. You probably also remember that it was exclusively going to launch in India.

Bad news is that it’s still only slated for India, but good news is that it’s available in beta on the Indian Play Store!

The app is still delivering on its original promises, including offering a lightweight experience to watch and share videos without using up much cellular data. Google has built a curated home screen of videos that you might like with the option to watch previews of videos by just tapping the thumbnail. You can adjust the streaming resolution of videos you watch, plus save them offline for later viewing. Once they’re saved to your device, you can even share them with friends without either of you using any more data, so long as you’re both using YouTube Go and are nearby.

The focus for this beta has been to make the home screen even more relevant, and to make the video sharing as seamless as possible.

The beta is live on the Play Store, which hopefully means a full rollout for our friends in India isn’t too far off.

source: YouTube

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