AT&T Captivate Sees a Froyo Leak Today, Official Release Tomorrow

The last couple of weeks have seen Samsung Galaxy S owners in the US FINALLY getting some Froyo updates. T-Mobile led the way, with Sprint following this week. So what about our friends with Vibrant and Captivate? Well no word on the Vibrant yet, but our friends on AT&T can finally see some Froyo goodness. For the impatient, a leaked version has surfaced today, but for most of you, be happy to know that tomorrow the official update will be available.

The last few days a couple of leaks have been circulated over at xda-developers, and they seem to have nailed a seemingly complete, stable version. You’ll need ODIN to push this update to your device, and as always, proceed at your own risk, as this is not an official, sanctioned update.

However, most of you will be content to wait one more day. AT&T announced on their Facebook page just about half an hour ago that the official, sanctioned Froyo update will be available tomorrow. Based on their announcement, the download and instructions for updating will be located on their Facebook page, but apparently the update is not, at this point, going out over the air. Naturally, we’ll keep you advised when the update goes live, but you already know where to find it.

Based on the timing of the leak coupled with the announcement, there’s a good chance that the version leaked today is exactly the version that will be made available tomorrow, but that’s not a guarantee. And of course, updating via any non-sanctioned method will probably prevent you from getting any kind of support from AT&T should anything go wrong, so your best is just to sit tight for another day, and tomorrow enjoy your tasty Froyo treat.

[via xda, Facebook]

  • zanpago

    FINALLY, i was ready to load the odin version onto my phone last week but when i bump into this site and saw the news about it probably coming this week i held off on it to see how true it was,…i can wait one more day for it since i bin waiting since October when i first heard about froyo