Google silently fixed the Pixel’s Bluetooth disconnect issues

Not too long ago, an annoying little bug crept up in the Pixel and Pixel XL that caused Bluetooth disconnect issues. The gist of the problem was that the Bluetooth radios on the devices would spontaneously turn off throughout the day, disabling the connection to car speakers, wireless headphones, and other devices. Pretty inconvenient.

It was a really annoying bug to deal with, but it’s hardly the first of its kind. With that being said, we were all expecting Google to push out a system update to fix. Pretty routine in the world of smartphones.

The good (and possibly magic?) news is that the issue is now fixed, and the Pixel doesn’t need a system update for it. Apparently it was fixed server-side, so it was actually probably something that Google borked with Play Services.

Regardless, your device, Pixel or not, should no longer be experiencing that Bluetooth bug. And if it is, it’s something else entirely. Better get that looked at.

source: Google
via:  Android Police

  • johnnybirdman

    Actually, it’s not fixed. On my Pixel it’s actually worse… I didn’t think it could get worse.

    • Brandito

      It’s fixed, you have a different issue, as the article suggests.

  • racer53

    Mine turns off randomly and wont turn back on. Its a pain in the a$$