Andy Rubin teases first phone from Essential, shows bezel-free display

Andy Rubin, Android’s co-founder, is readying his return to the mobile industry. His first phone outside of Google’s oversight, under a company called Essential, was just teased for the first time. It shows a portion of the phone with barely-there bezels.

When he stopped working on Android in 2013, Andy Rubin’s whereabouts were largely unknown. It wasn’t until later that year when we found out he was in fact still with Google but doing something else. The man who spent a massive amount of time building Android into the world’s most popular mobile operating system was working on robots for a secret project. A change of pace, yes, but brilliant people need to a change of scenery to stay motivated. In 2014, Rubin made a complete departure from Google. And, once again, his whereabouts were up in the air.

Rubin finally revealed his plans for the future in mid-2015 with the launch of Playground Global. Upon raising $300 million from top companies in technology including Google and Foxconn, speculation began about the potential of a phone being built by Rubin. That wasn’t likely at first, though, as Playground Global’s purpose is to help other companies innovate and bring new ideas to the public.

Jump ahead to 2017 and it’s obvious that Rubin wants to jump back into the mobile industry. Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported Essential is the Rubin-built company developing a phone based on artificial intelligence and automation. Essential is comprised former Google, Apple, and HTC employees.

A few hours ago, Rubin sent a tweet giving the world its first look at Essential’s upcoming phone.

The phone is showing the network icon, the battery icon, and the time.

Along with the picture, Rubin included two brief sentences. “I’m really excited about how this is shaping up. Eager to get it in more people’s hands,” he said. Nothing else about the phone, including its name and when it’ll be announced, was shared. All we have to observe is the picture from the tweet.

There’s no idea when Rubin and Essential will launch the unnamed phone, but we think it’s going to happen in late 2017. So this could be the first of many teasers to come.

Source: Andy Rubin (Twitter)

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  • Darcy

    I would be very interested to see what develops with this new phone idea from Andy Rubin!