Your latest Galaxy S8 leak confirms several color options, pricing

It’s time for the latest hourly Galaxy S8 leak, and this time we’re getting a look at some (realistic) color options for Samsung’s highly anticipated flagship. No plum or red shades here, sorry.

You can see the device in black sky, orchid gray, and arctic silver, hinting at a white color that was notoriously difficult to find with the Galaxy S7. Samsung is opting for a black face on every available color, even if you won’t see much of that thanks to the huge display and small bezels. They sound like some pretty attractive colors for the rear of the device, however.

Pricing was also leaked, courtesy of Evan Blass, which covers the European prices of the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and some accessories for the devices.

799€ is definitely on the higher end, and 899€ really isn’t cheap either, but Samsung is throwing everything at this phone to make sure it’s a flagship success.

The DeX is supposedly a docking system for the pair of phones and will run 150€, while the new GearVR will be 129€. The Gear360 camera will be 229€. Pricing in the US and other parts of the globe will likely be similar, but there’s no guarantee that things won’t be weird. Phone pricing can be odd in different regions.

We’re not too far away from the announcement when Samsung can finally clear up these piles of rumors. Just hang on for another couple of weeks.

source: Evan Blass (Twitter)

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