New leak shows possible poster for Galaxy S8 release

It’s been hard enough for Samsung to keep what looks to be almost all the details of the Galaxy S8 secret and now it appears that their event poster isn’t even safe. A new leaked image shows off what very well could be the poster for the Galaxy S8 and, if it’s real, confirms when the release will be.

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Well there it is. We see the all-too-familiar frame of the Galaxy S8 with a coming soon date of “2017.4,” which would confirm previous rumors about an April release. The Galaxy S8 on the poster is turned horizontally and shows off the very minimal top and bottom bezels with no bezels or lines going down the side. That would make sense since all signs so far point to Samsung using a curved display that slopes down at the edges.

An interesting part of the poster is the large “S” in the center of the device. There is a 3D appearance to it and the size of the “S” extends past the edges of the phone. This very well could just be an aesthetic choice on Samsung’s part, or it could hint to a possible pressure-sensitive display that’s been churning in the rumor mill. Admittedly, that’s a big assumption, but given what the leaks have been saying it does make for an interesting design choice with this poster.

With less than two weeks to go before Samsung officially unveils the Galaxy S8 in New York City, there doesn’t seem to be much left for them to announce. We already know what the phone will look like, what its new virtual assistant will be named, the new launcher and icons, and even some exciting new camera capabilities. What will be next? We will be on the ground on March 29 for all the official details for the Galaxy S8.

Source: Weibo
Via: Slash Leaks

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  • Zomby2D

    Funny, as I read the article and saw the mention of the large “S” in the center of the device my first thought was, what “S”? Because when I first looked at the poster, I saw a large “8”. I guess they went for something in-between that could be seen as both a “S” and a “8”.