Samsung is adding an incredible slo-mo mode to the Galaxy S8

Your hourly Galaxy S8 leak is here, and this time it’s about the camera. At least that’s a little more exciting than yet another set of photos, right?

This time we’re learning that Samsung is reportedly adding an incredibly slow motion video capture mode to the device, allowing you to capture a whopping 1000 frames per second. For reference, most other high end phones only shoot slow motion at 120fps or 240fps, so 1000 is over 4x as many frames as the next closest competition.

With that being said, there are a few fuzzy details about the camera setting. The biggest drawback to shooting that many frames on other devices is that the resolution has to take a hit, usually down to 720p, if not lower. It’s pretty likely that we’ll see subpar resolution in those mode, but the biggest question is if it will be 720p (which is still HD) or possibly a bit lower to snap that many frames. It takes a pretty advanced camera module to make that happen in high definition, after all.

But don’t worry, at this rate we should get clarifying details about this mode sometime tomorrow. Whatever’s happened at Samsung this year, they’re gonna need to invest in some serious leak-plugging technology for their next set of phones.

source: Naver
via: Droid Life

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