Samsung’s Galaxy S8 in black leaks again, which is totally normal at this point

It’s a new day. What does that mean? There’s a new leak involving the upcoming Galaxy S8 from Samsung. The soon-to-be hottest phone of the year can’t stay hidden prior to its launch later this month.

The countdown continues, but we’re less than two weeks away from Samsung announcing the Galaxy S8 in New York City on March 29. All of these leaks are just adding to the hype that millions of people worldwide are feeling. People don’t mind getting to see the phone early because it gives them an idea of what to expect and if, come launch day, the Galaxy S8 will be a phone they buy.

Another user of Weibo, which is a Chinese social media platform, leaked multiple images of an alleged Galaxy S8. It clearly shows the front and back of what we believe is Samsung’s 2017 flagship in black.

Unlike the white variant that surfaced earlier in the week, the black variant shown today doesn’t have noticeable cameras and sensors on the front. That’s because, of course, everything blends in with black. So the front of the phone here doesn’t appear to have anything that stands out, especially since the physical home button is gone and on-screen navigation buttons will be embraced by Samsung. And once again we’re seeing a display with curved sides and very small bezels.

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The back isn’t showing us anything surprising as well. There’s just more confirmation that Samsung will not put integrate the fingerprint scanner into the glass on the front. It’ll be relocated to the back of the Galaxy S8 alongside the heart rate sensor and camera.

Right now it seems like Samsung will begin accepting pre-orders on April 7 in South Korea, meaning consumers in the U.S. and beyond might be waiting a little longer to reserve a Galaxy S8. The release date, meanwhile, is expected to be April 21 but maybe only for South Korea. Companies like Samsung and LG typically release their devices in the home country before anywhere else.

Source: Weibo
Via: Android Central

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