Napster blends music and GIFs in new interactive playlists

Napster, in an attempt to stay relevant in 2017, has revamped their playlist system to be a little more hip. And it has GIFs now. That’ll bring the millennials back, right?

The new playlist system is actually¬†really¬†cool, though. It uses a Tinder-like interface to help you build an entire playlist, so you’ve got a fun, familiar swipe left/swipe right mechanism to craft your mixtape masterpiece.

The playlist wizard will suggest new tracks based on what’s already in your playlists, plus your listening history. Swipe right if you like the song, swipe left if you don’t. Voila, playlist.

To top it off, Napster has teamed up with GIPHY to slap gifs on your playlists. When you make a new playlist, you’ll get a gif as the cover photo based on the playlist title. If you’re not happy with that gif, you have access to GIPHY’s entire library so you can customize it to your liking.

Tinder, gifs, and music playlists. The idea seems a little forced, but I can’t say I’m not slightly interested. Napster offers a one month trial for new users, so if you want to give it a spin, now’s the time.

source: Napster

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    Didn’t even know Napster was still around