For a limited time get a free Google Home with your LG G6

The upcoming LG G6 is the South Korean company’s return to simplicity after last year’s not-so-successful attempt at modularity with the G5. With a focus on just making a great phone, paired with a larger 18:9 display that covers almost the entire face of the device, the G6 looks to be one of the phones to beat for 2017. Now for a limited time, early adopters of the LG G6 will also score a Google Home smart speaker free with their order.

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Google Home was one of the first products to showcase the Google Assistant AI platform. Simply say “OK, Google” followed by all kinds of questions like the current weather, news, calendar events, and so on, and Google Home will speak back the answer. Even in its early phase, Google Assistant has shown to be a very capable assistant and with the platform now rolling out to almost every Android phone, we can only expect it to get better.

The LG G6, which will be available starting in April on all major U.S. carriers, comes with a 5.7-inch Quad HD display with a unique 18:9 aspect ratio that stretches the screen vertically to allow for more information to be displayed, while maintaining easy one-handed use. Another way the G6 stands apart is that it is the first non-Pixel phone to ship with Google Assistant baked right into the software. With so many manufacturers creating their own virtual assistants, it’s nice to see LG use what Google has developed as it creates a more seamless and consistent experience across multiple devices.

To take advantage of this promotion, you can head to the LG website or go to your mobile carrier or retailer for more information. After you place your order for an LG G6 you’ll be able to redeem online your free Google Home. If you’re in the market for a Google Home then act fast as this promotion is only available through April 30th!

Source: LG

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