Gmail now lets you send and receive money within emails

The days of splitting bills, swapping physical cash, and using separate cards are gone. Now people just fire up apps like Venmo or Square Cash to pay each other for different things. Well, a very popular Google-owned service is getting into the person-to-person mobile payments race. So you have yet another option to get yourself covered and avoid having people track you down to pay them back.

Beginning today, you can send and receive money through emails on Gmail. It’s as simple as sending an attachment.

As you can with ordinary files, Gmail is letting you attach money to an email. And you’re not restricted to sending a money-filled email to fellow Gmail users. Google says money on Gmail can go to anyone with a valid email address.

From within Gmail, the money is claimed and transferred to a bank account. Every part of the process is entirely free.

The feature is currently live on the web and on Google’s Gmail app for Android devices.

Source: Google