Act surprised: New live shot of the Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks

A little more than two weeks separate us from Samsung’s Unpacked event in New York City for the launch of the Galaxy S8. That doesn’t mean we can’t see the phone before then.

Leaks of Samsung’s next flagship, which is anticipated by millions of people worldwide, have been appearing rapidly. When you’re likely to be the most popular Android device of the year, it comes with the territory. Prototypes and consumer-ready units are getting into the wrong hangs and thus surface online in images and videos for everyone to see.

Today’s leak comes from Weibo, a Chinese social network. It shows both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ side-by-side.

We’re seeing two color options here — white (left) and gold (right). Each has the same glassy finish, which is because Samsung prefers using materials like glass and metal for its high-end devices. And, once again, the on-screen navigation buttons are on full display in this leak. For the Galaxy S8, Samsung seems to be wanting the front of the phone to be almost entirely consumed by the display. Side bezels are practically nonexistent while the top and bottom bezels are extremely small.

The Unpacked event hosted by Samsung will take place on Wednesday, March 29.

Source: Weibo
Via: Droid Life

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  • Niall Porreca

    It looks so incredible, I want both sizes!

    • BlackHawkRider .

      The annoying part is how they implemented the finger print sensor. I wish it was under the display like the first few rumors stated.

  • ZBlade

    Anyone else here hates all of the ‘holes’ at the top of the phone. Definitely need to go for the black, I dont think I can stand looking at the phone with those speakers, cameras and sensors being so obvious at the top of the phone.