YouTube tests at least three new video loading animations

We’re all familiar with the YouTube video loading or buffering animation, but it looks like that traditional buffer animation could be on its way out.

Confirmed by Android Police and spotted by Aaron Hennig on Google+, YouTube is testing at least three new unique video loading animations.

The first animation, obtained by Android Police, can be seen in GIF format above. Really, it’s the animation that makes the most sense, but there are two others, which the publication also captured (but not in a GIF format).

The first one, in the gallery above, is strangely a tyrannosaurus rex designed in an almost candy cane pattern. It’s a little weird, to be honest. The second one is a red and white circle.

We’re not sure if Google plans on implementing all of these animations at random, or if they’re just testing to add a single updated animation.

via: Android Police