Instagram takes aim at Snapchat (again) with new geostickers


Remember last year when Instagram rolled out their own Stories feature to compete with Snapchat’s 24 hour Stories? Ever since, they’ve been slowly adding features to bring Instagram to parity with Snapchat, and they’re ticking off another box today.

Instagram is testing out an early version of geostickers for Instagram stories where you’ll be able to access exclusive stickers for your photos and videos depending on where you currently are. That’s been a pretty key feature for Snapchat (and one of the only ways they make any money) and has arguably helped them stave off more aggressive competition.

Instagram’s stickers currently only work in New York City and Jakarta, but if this does well they’ll likely keep launching new locations and partnerships. You can manipulate the stickers by changing their size and orientation, and you can slap as many on a single photo as you want. Again, this is definitely a copped Snapchat feature, but it’s cool nonetheless.

Personally, I’m still pretty heavily invested in Snapchat and not-so-heavily invested in Instagram. All these extra features haven’t made me switch yet, but it’s tempting. Have you started using Instagram more often since they’ve rolled out these extra Snapchat-esque features?

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About the Author: Jared Peters

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