Google will now let users receive emails of up to 50MB in Gmail

Gmail has always been an interesting game as far as attachment sizes go. Google is adding a little relief to that today, now letting users receive emails of up to 50MB.

Now, Gmail’s outgoing messages (i.e. emails you’re sending) are still limited to a size of 25MB. So, what is this increase for exactly then? Well, it’s primarily for oversized emails being sent from non-Gmail accounts.

Google still prefers that you use Google Drive, of course. They made that quite clear in the blog post. After all, your Gmail space is limited, and you don’t want big email attachments eating that all up. So, Google Drive is still the go-to source for sending large attachments. This change today is, as we said, making it easier for you to receive large attachments from non-Gmail accounts.

We see where Google is coming from here, but it doesn’t necessarily make complete sense to update the receiving size and not the sending size.

Google is rolling out the change now. Users should start seeing it over the next couples of days.

source: Google