HTC will shift their focus to premium phones in 2017

If you ask anyone that’s in the mobile industry what HTC’s biggest problem is, you’ll probably find a common theme: lack of focus. HTC makes some incredibly nice smartphones (that may or may not be overpriced) but they release twelve different versions of those phones on top of dozes more budget-friendly and mid-range devices every year. For a company like Samsung that has the cash flow to manage all of that, it’s one thing, but HTC is very clearly not in that situation.

The good news is that might finally change in 2017. HTC announced that they’ll be focusing exclusively on high-end, high margin devices for 2017, which means no more cheap, budget brand phones that you’ll find in the prepaid section. They’ll still support the older devices that are already in the market, but for better or worse, only expect top shelf HTC devices going forward.

The budget market for Android devices is just an enormous race to the bottom, which most OEMs can’t make any money on. We see time and time again that Samsung and Apple are the only companies to consistently turn a profit in the smartphone industry, and even between those two Samsung is the only one that offers anything in a budget-friendly price range. Apple sticks exclusively to the high end, because, well, that’s where all the money is. HTC knows that, and HTC wants to chase it.

That’s not to say that HTC hasn’t made some pretty decent mid-range devices, but they’ve always shined when they offered something competitive to the iPhones and Galaxy S phones, so that’s the game plan. Let’s just hope it works.

source: Phonescoop
via: The Verge

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