Sprint is revamping its own unlimited data plan, too

After T-Mobile began offering its own unlimited data plan, we all knew the other carriers would soon follow. Now, after Verizon gave in, and T-Mobile responded to Verizon, Sprint is revamping how it offers its own unlimited data plan, too.

Sprint is bent on offering the “nations’s best price” as well. Their newly revamped unlimited data plan will cost customers $22.50 per line for four lines. That equates to about $90 for four lines with unlimited talk, text and data. In comparison, Big Red’s new unlimited plan costs $80 for individuals or $45 per line for family plans.

Previously, Sprint offered an Unlimited Freedom Premium plan, which costed $60 per month for a single line or $100 per month for two lines. This revamp makes its unlimited data plan much cheaper at the aforementioned $22.50 per line for four lines.

With Sprint’s plan, you automatically get upgraded to HD quality video and have an allowance of 10GB for tethering, too. Sprint didn’t offer details on that, but we imagine that’s 10GB of high-speed data before you could potentially get throttled to an unlimited 3G connection.

Customers on Sprint’s network or moving to the network can begin signing up for the revamped unlimited data plan as of today.

source: Sprint

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