Facebook brings auto-playing sound to videos in its News Feed and a new app for the living room


Facebook has just announced a slew of changes to the way it presents videos in your News Feed, as well as a wider choice of platforms that you can use to watch videos on. One of the tweaks includes the auto-playing of sound when the video plays in your News Feed, which is sure to cause some consternation among some of us. Facebook has also made a new app for viewing videos on televisions and streaming devices. Join us after the break for more details.

New Ways to Watch Facebook Video

Posted by Facebook on Monday, February 13, 2017

As mentioned, Facebook has decided that the sound will play automatically when the video plays if your device isn’t set to silent. This means that there will be an added layer of worry when trying to watch the latest Ozzy Man Reviews video on the sly during a boring office meeting. Pro-tip: Make sure your phone is set to silent or vibrate first thing in the morning. The good thing is that the sound will fade-in, so if you have forgotten to switch the sound off, or if the content isn’t exactly PG-rated, you’ll have a second or two to remedy the situation.

Other changes to how videos play in the News Feed include larger previews of vertical videos, after what it says was a successful testing phase, Facebook will roll out this out to Android and iOS users.

Have you ever wanted to watch a video but to continue scrolling through the News Feed? Well, Facebook has you covered with the addition of a picture-in-picture view where you can drag the video to a corner of the display and carry on checking your friend’s posts. You can even keep the video playing when you have exited the Facebook app.

Finally, Facebook has seen fit to launch a new video app for the living room on platforms such as the Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and various Samsung Smart TV’s, with the promise of more platforms being added in the future. You’ll be able to catch up on saved videos, as well as videos shared by your friends, as well as ‘recommended’ videos from Facebook.

Source: Facebook

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