[Deal] Buy a Moto Z, get a free Moto Mod for Valentine’s Day

A special deal for the Moto Z is live on Motorola’s site right now, but it’s only going to last for the next two days. Lenovo’s Valentine’s Day celebration is including a free Moto Mod with purchases of any member from the Moto Z family. That means you could potentially save hundreds of dollars while getting of the best phones around.

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The point of the promotion is to get a Moto Mod, a focal point for Lenovo’s flagship, into more hands; therefore, while not knocking anything off the price of the phone, it’s a fantastic deal because Moto Mods can be pretty expensive.

The Moto Z, Moto Z Force, and Moto Z Play are all participating.

These are the eligible Moto Mods:

If you’re buying the Moto Z or Moto Z Force, you get to choose between the Hasselblad True Zoom or the Moto Insta-Share Projector. Buyers of the Moto Z Play, meanwhile, can only get the JBL SoundBoost Speaker for free. Lenovo wants to keep the pricier accessories for those who buy the pricier phone.

Keep in mind that both Verizon and unlocked models are eligible. So really anyone can pick up a Moto Z family phone and a free Moto Mod. Free shipping is included on all orders, too.

Lenovo’s Sweetheart Deals for Valentine’s Day this year will end on February 15 at 12:00PM ET or while supplies last. The deal will taste even sweeter when the unlocked models join the Verizon models in getting Nougat throughout February and March.

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