[TA Deals] Scoop a fast wireless charging stand for under $25

Now is your chance to get a fast wireless charging stand for less than $25. Zippo’s offering on Talk Android Deals is our featured deal of the day. With this wireless charging stand, you can charge your phone easily and quickly without needing wires.

Here’s the full description:

Wireless charging is all the rage, and if you’ve got a Qi-enabled smartphone, you’re going to love having the Zippo at your desk. This handy stand charges your phone up to 80% faster than other wireless chargers and will get your phone back up and running without ever having to plug in. Just place your phone down and let it charge – you can even continue watching videos or viewing your phone since it’s angled up.

You can get Zippo’s fast wireless charging stand for $24 along with free shipping. That’s down from the $79.95 price tag found at other retailers selling the same product.

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